Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Tennessee Shooters Network. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Rules

    1. Rules to follow #
  2. The following rules/guidelines are in place for the orderly conduct on the BST Forums. Violations of any of these rules may lead to topic deletion without prior notification or warning.

    Violators could lose access to the EE section if these rules are not followed. A warning may not be given for violations before access is cut off. Arguing about a rule or violation with a moderator will not be tolerated. Please email an admin with any issues that are of major concern. Remember however, these are the board rules which the Mods are enforcing, they have no control over them.

    If you do not agree with any of these rules, don't post.

    If you see a rule being violated, please use the report feature (click on the "!" button in the post that is violating the rule).

    1. Email Addresses of Buyers/Sellers/Traders: Users of this forum must have their forum profile set up to allow emails. This is for possible buyers to contact the seller.

    2. Price: Post the price you want for the merchandise you are selling. If you are offering a trade post a trade value. This board is not for auctions, so don't make people start at a lower price and work their way up. We also recommend posting pictures in the thread, but this is your choice. (You will have to use a 3rd party image host)

    3. No Bashing: Do not comment on someone’s post about price or condition. Just scroll on by and let it go, don't bash their thread or products.

    4. Laws and Regulations: It is the buyer and seller's responsibility to make sure they are abiding local and federal laws when buying and selling products. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of FFLs for out of state guns sales as well as certain firearm restrictions in some states. It is on both the buyer and seller to make sure they are acting within all laws, TNSHOOTERSNETWORK is neither responsible nor liable for any transactions!

    5. Buyer or Seller Problems: If a buyer or seller is late with mailing a product or payment or you are having difficulties, do not post a topic about it. PM a moderator or admin about the issue and try contacting the seller.

    6. Items Sold: When an item is sold, please inform readers via editing of your ORIGINAL post. It is the buyer's responsibility to obtain shipping/personal information from the seller.

    7. Bumping: Bumping, or the replying to threads in order to bring them to the top of the thread list, should be limited to once every 3 days. Anything in excess of this will be considered spam and result in deletion of the thread.

    8. Dealers: Please contact admin and we will grant permission to post items for sale in the Vendor Section

    9. No Links to Auctions/Other Sites: This board is for members to make deals/sales on this site only. Posting of links to auctions or sites containing items you're trying to sell is prohibited.

    10. Minimum Requirement for posting in the BST forum. Before being allowed to post abuy/sell/trade topic on the forum, the member must have at least 20 quality posts (quality means constructive posts, not posts which have only a simple emoticon, "+1" or other easy to post responses) OR been a member for 3 months. If you do not meet either requirement, the topic will deleted and you will be notified. If your post count is found to be made up of non-quality posts, the 3 month minimum will be imposed.

    11. Location: If your location is not set in your profile then you must post your location in the topic.

    12. Seller is responsible for items: The person posting the item for sale or trade must either be the actual owner or if they are not the owner, the person posting the item is taking full responsibility for the sale and delivery of the item. #
  3. Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How do I request help for site technical questions?
    Please feel free to post your issue in the technical Help Forum. We will answer there as quickly as we can. Please refrain from emailing us in all but the most needed cases. We do get flooded with emails.

    2. Why can't I get into a forum?
    New members are restricted from some forums until they have reached a certain number of posts. Please check the Forum Rules for the specifics. If that does not answer your question see FAQ 1 above for help with assistance.

    3. Can you add (This) feature?
    There is a good chance we can. Just post it in the help forum and we will look into it.

    4. More to come as people ask questions....... #